Horror Movie Ideas

Hey everyone.

For my second blog post since rejoining the blogosphere I thought I would start with a bit of dark humour. Hahahaha

So here goes, what would be your idea of a great horror movie? Mine would be a Klansman wakes up one morning and looks into the mirror and sees not his reflection but the face of every innocent black person who was lynched from way back then even to today. Not only would he see it in his own mirror but on every reflective surface he looks upon… I would title the movie, GET AWAY!! If you thought Get Out was something, I reckon this would be quite a cinematic experience. Who knows, maybe one of these days I just may write a short story on this idea. Haha.

Anyways Lemme know y’all thoughts and you can even drop some ideas in the comment section. Alright family, fire away.

Welcome (Back)

Hello everyone! A few years ago I joined the blogosphere under the name NidotopianWarrior and have shared quite a few posts as well as commented on many others done by fellow black bloggers. During the past year I’ve been going through some things which in turn has caused me to delete my blog but now I’m back and reinvented under the new name Rising Darkness Descending Fire which is also the title of my soon to be released novel which I have been reworking off and on over the course of the past several months. I’ll be periodically posting new chapters from this novel just to gauge your reaction and reception and I’ll even share some short stories in between whether it’s of the superhero/fantasy/sci-fi genres or young adult, it depends. One thing for sure is that I hope to reconnect with all of my beloved fellow bloggers whom I’ve followed over the course of the past few years. It’s great to be back..